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When You Need Serious Representation, Turn to Attorney Lana Shadwick

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An assault conviction could haunt you for the rest of your life. Who knows what you're up against better than a practicing assault attorney and a former judge and prosecutor? Shadwick Law, PLLC will fight aggressively for your rights. If you have had an application for a protective order filed against you, Attorney Shadwick can help with that as well.

Attorney Shadwick represents clients just like you throughout East Texas, Houston, The Woodlands and Livingston, TX. She'll use her nearly three decades of experience to...

  • Build a solid defense based on the evidence against you.
  • Give you peace of mind about what comes next.
  • Prepare you for your trial.

You'll appreciate working with a seasoned assault lawyer. Contact attorney Shadwick today to start building your defense.

Be honest when talking about your charges

The penalties you could be facing depend on your charges, so you need to rely on a skilled assault lawyer for guidance. Attorney Shadwick won't judge you. She'll give you her full attention as you tell her your side of the story.

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