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Attorney Lana Shadwick Will Stand Up for You

Hire an aggressive DWI and drug defense attorney in Livingston, TX - including East Texas, Houston or The Woodlands

Facing criminal charges can be a scary experience. It helps to have a confident drug defense attorney defending and counseling you every step of the way. You'll get that when you hire Shadwick Law, PLLC.

Lana Shadwick is a DWI attorney and drug defense attorney serving the East Texas and Houston area. She'll use an arsenal of tactics to try to reduce your charges or your sentencing. Her knowledge of state criminal law runs deep. She served as an assistant district attorney in the largest county in Texas, Harris County, and knows the game plan of the other side.

Don't stand before a judge unprepared. Choose attorney Shadwick today to start building a smart criminal defense.

What were you arrested for?

Attorney Lana Shadwick is known in the area for aggressive criminal defense. She'll work tirelessly on your behalf. She can handle a variety of criminal cases, including those involving:

Drug Crimes
Domestic Violence
Assault & Battery
Weapons Possession

Other Crimes

If you're searching for a drug defense attorney or DWI attorney, look no further than attorney Lana Shadwick. Reach out to her right away to find out how she can help you.