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Have You Been Accused of Family Violence or Assault?

A Domestic Violence Attorney in Livingston, TX will support you

Being accused of assault or domestic violence is a very scary thing. Juries and judges can look at you like you're a scoundrel, and they can find you guilty, or the judge can issue a protective order. Moreover, a conviction or protective order can follow you years ahead and make you more vulnerable to being falsely accused or set up for another assault or domestic violence charge.

Whether you are facing a judge or a jury, it's important to have an aggressive fighter on your side. Shadwick Law, PLLC, will work with you to build a strong defense. Make an appointment today to work with attorney Shadwick to start building your case. She is a former judge and prosecutor who knows what it takes.

When Should You Contact an Attorney to Defend You on an Assault or Domestic Violence Charge?

  • When you are charged with domestic or family violence, or
  • Charged with assault or aggravated assault, or
  • When you are facing a Protective Order.

Attorney Lana Shadwick has the tools necessary to seek out justice for you and your family. If you need a domestic violence attorney in Livingston, Texas- including east Texas, Houston or the Woodlands Areas, call 936-327-4529 today.

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