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Is That Will Getting Executed as Intended?

Turn to a probate attorney in Livingston, TX - including East Texas, Houston or The Woodlands areas

To make sure a will is carried out as you or your loved one intended, make Lana Shadwick your probate attorney in Livingston, TX, East Texas, or the Houston or The Woodlands areas. Lana Shadwick served as a staff attorney to a judge with one of the largest probate, guardianship, and mental health dockets in Texas (Harris County).

Attorney Lana Shadwick runs Shadwick Law, PLLC. She's well-versed in the probate laws of the area. She'll guide you through the probate process from beginning to end, smoothing out the kinks along the way.

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3 reasons to contest a will in Livingston, TX, East Texas, or the Houston or The Woodlands areas

Attorney Shadwick can help you if you're contesting a will in. You may need to challenge a will if:

  1. You think some form of manipulation was involved when your loved one wrote the will.
  2. You know of another will that could trump the will being executed.
  3. The will wasn't signed by the correct number of witnesses required by the state or there is some other error in the execution of the will.

If you're contesting a will, attorney Shadwick will evaluate your reasoning to validate the case. She'll let you know if your case is worth pursuing. She can also help you take steps to prevent or deter a contest to your will. Reach out to us now to schedule a free consultation.