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Learn what protective orders are and why you might need one

Victims of sexual abuse, stalking or domestic violence often feel powerless to escape their abusers. Judges can issue protective orders to increase the penalties if abusers hurt or threaten their victims. If you're being intimidated or worried your ex might hurt your kids, reach out to Shadwick Law, PLLC in Livingston, TX.

Lana Shadwick is a protective order attorney with nearly three decades of legal experience. As a former family law associate judge and prosecutor, she knows what kinds of options are available to you and your children.

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Has a Protective Order Been Filed against you?

Often times when somebody files an application for a protective order with the district attorney, false accusations can be involved. Don't make the mistake of trying to navigate the courts alone.

Protective orders do more than just keep abusers away from their victims

Judges in Livingston, TX and surrounding areas can also issue protective orders to force...

  • Parents to pay child support
  • Domestic violence abusers to leave their homes
  • Abusers to get professional help for anger issues or substance abuse

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